Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!!

We do not do Oil Business, Diamond Business, fake real estate projects and we do not Offer you Palaces In Beverly Hills that do not exist even, like most of the Hyip sites claim to do

CRYPTOS TRADES is not a HYIP site but a real Company managed by a group of experienced professionals who are specialized in Crypto Trading. We started to watch the HYIP market with respect to what it consists of but Suddenly we realized that HYIP market do not represent us and vice versa because most of it is HIT AND RUN STRATEGY based on unrealistic investment plans that shows GREED and lack of knowledge in Trading and Risk Management. OUR MISSION is to promise things that we know we can always deliver and this is related directly to our Success, Reputation, Future and who follow us the next generation WELL BEING.

WE ARE NOT INTENDING to fake people with unrealistic profits and investing plans that others are already doing since months and years and doomed to fail on MID and LONG RUN. At the end everything turns into a disappointing situation and the VICTIMin this case is the INVESTOR and the CRYPTO CURRENCY SECTOR reputation. We are betting on the FUTURE and we are giving our lives to the Crypto because we BELIEVE as well as you that the Crypto system will give us to all MORE PERSONAL FREEDOM!!!

We are using the best updated technics related to the business, taking in consideration the Risks Management factors and the most advanced strategies of trading controlled and managed by the top notch professional team who is 24/7 nonstop working to ensure the target. On the base, Cryptos Trades Professionals background is coming from the international Forex trades market with more than 20 years of experience. We are applying our experience who is based on TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY toward our customers who we consider are our direct partners and together we are and we will grow, this is how the success story was, is and will always be HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY.


Consider yourself a partner in our company and share with us the joy of being a part of the real Crypto Currency international sector. Who will ensure you a regular income on your investments that starts from 72% Net Profit (Plan 1) to 108%Net Profit (Plan 2) then 144% Net Profit (Plan 3) and at last 180% Net Profit (Plan 4) per year.

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Mar-27-2018 07:47:03 PM